About us

Find a moment of peace for yourself and admire the mountain view. We provide you with everything you need to say "it's better here than at home".

Our passion for Bran and all that surrounds it has helped us to convince visitors that there is more to this little piece of land than meets the eye. More than just a castle. More than the surrounding mountains. It's a place where anyone, anytime can indulge their simple and authentic pleasures and connect with nature. Either through a fairytale dinner or a few moments of daydreaming. Because you wouldn't want to blink and miss a thing.

Now that you're here, let us give you a tour of Bran as it deserves to be seen.

Letter from the owner

"I was born in Bran and grew up in the courtyard of the Castle. The memories are still etched in my mind and the smell of pine still follows me on every trip I make. I watched my children grow up here. I watched them grow up and carry the story of Bran out into the world. But there comes a time when you return from the place you left. For us, that place is Bran. Așa s-a născut ideea. Cu determinarea noastră să aducem oamenii aici, în loc să plece. Să se bucure din plin de tot ce are de oferit acest loc magic din centrul României. Casa din Bran a fost de la început mai mult decât un ÎNN. I hope it will be for you too. Always"

Cristina Neagu
Bran, str. Gen. Mosoiu, nr.15- 19,

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